Loneeaters is an online community founded in 2014 to discuss, document and promote the culture of eating alone.

Eating alone happens on such a huge scale, and yet it seems have slipped under the radar on almost every level. Where is the lone eating culture to rival that of eating together? Where are the products for loneeating? And most importantly, why isn't anyone talking about it? It seems to be a huge shift in society that has almost been kept a secret. 

Ignoring the phenomenon of eating alone potentially causes huge damage, to people's self esteem if they feel they've 'failed' by eating alone, to people's health if they resort to fatty, fast food when they're alone and to overall satisfaction and well being. If we can't be content in the state of solitude, we've got some problems in this increasingly independent world!

That why it's important to found this blog and make it a success. It's currently run by volunteers and we hope we can build a vibrant loneeating community, learn more about eating alone and feel better in the process.

Fingers crossed! And happy loneeating!