Why I bother with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

…and then some!

I love food. The colours, textures, shapes, sizes, sounds and not to mention: the variety of flavours it has to offer. I like to create. I like to be creative with food. If that’s the case; why would most of my meals be prepared by somebody else? Why would I settle for something where the art and creativity of putting different food together is already done by someone else, so all I would have to do is eat it? I wouldn’t… so that is why I make my breakfasts, lunch and most of my dinners.

Eating alone is an opportunity for me to experiment, and not worry about the results. If it tastes delicious and is nutritious, healthy and well-balanced; I’ve hit the jackpot. Yummy times for me. If it’s not, ah well, who cares? There’s no one there to look down on me saying I have failed.

I’m proud. I open my lunch box, and staring back at me is food that I’ve carefully prepared. I’ve thought about the flavours that might go together and the amount of food I have given myself to eat, which will satisfy the horrible feeling of hunger within. The experience of eating something healthy, handcrafted, home made; I like that feeling. It’s a feeling I will only get with this particular dish, and then I think about the next time; what else I would like to try. 

I can only go so far; I would quite like to go fishing and catch my own salmon, take it home and start from there. But we all make compromises...

Eating alone is a chance for me to invest in myself. It’s a privilege. Feeding my body and mind with the food I enjoy, because fortunately, I can. Combining the act of making something beautiful (inside and out), eating it and being surrounded by a space I can call my own for however long I please (...until I have to go back to work or wash the dishes) is great. I can choose whether I want to be distracted; I can let my mind wander, or give my full attention to the crunch which starts the flavour which opens the conversation from my tummy to my tongue. It’s up to me. 

Eating alone and everything that comes with it is mine! And that’s why I bother with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner… and then some!