Potato Wedges and You (the Loneeater)

I've had a request for some recipes especially suited to eating alone. Many people want to eat well when they eat alone, but can't really face half an hour of cooking in the kitchen when it's just themselves. Here is the first in a series of very loose recipes or explanations of how food fits into my life when I'm cooking and eating by myself.

The humble potato wedge has been by my warming carbohydraty friend for a good few years now. There are 1000s of recipes out there, this one is good and simple, but if anyone hasn't appreciated there speed, versatility and cheapness recently, I urge you to give it a go.

Five reasons why potatoes wedges are awesome:

1. Potatoes last for months, so it's easy to have some in the kitchen ready to go. They're also cheap so even as a loneeater you can buy 1 kg and leave it festering in the kitchen for a few weeks, ready and waiting to feed you. 


2. They're incredibly easy and quick to make. They take about 5 mins active preparation, and in my oven, about 45 mins to cook. This might initially sound like a long time, but actually I find it fits really well into my life. I'll often get home from work, immediately prepare the wedges, and by the time I've got changed/got ready for bed/done whatever admin needs doing/tidied the kitchen from last night (whatever it is), they're ready.

3. You can add any flavour you want: salt, pepper, chilli, oregano, sesame seeds, powdered garlic...so they're always different and you have an element of creativity in your meal.

4. You can also use different oils, I used to use olive oil but now I do them in coconut oil. Just scoop it on solid, put it in the oven for 5 mins to melt it, then toss as if it were any other oil.

5. You can have them with any dipping sauce. Oh yes, as if all the above was not fun enough. My favourites are:

Mayonnaise with chopped raw onion. This is really common in the Netherlands, damn good, and somehow it must be healthy to eat raw onion, right? 

Method: Simply chop up a really small onion or half a slightly larger one as small as you can be bothered and mix it with mayonnaise to taste. I prefer a high concentration of raw onion, after all you're breath isn't going to bother anyone!

Garlicky yogurt sauce. This is also super simple. I learnt it from a Turkish friend.

Method: Just combine a few tablespoons of yoghurt, about two cloves of crushed garlic, a small drizzle of olive oil, a generous pinch of salt, a medium grind of pepper and a squeeze of lemon (if you have it handy).

With this, you're already well prepared for the odd loneeating occasion. It's a classic you can keep coming back to, either by itself, or I often turn it into a fuller meal by cooking some quorn chicken nuggets, or vegetarian burgers in the last 20 mins, while the oven is hot anyway.


Do you love cooking potato wedges when you're alone? Send us your stories and pictures to article@loneeaters.com or post them ono social media #loneeaters.

Happy Loneeating!