A Week of Loneeating

Home alone for a week and I decided to record exactly what I ate. It also happens to be the August Challenge.


I start this challenge with some serious snacking, after work on a Friday. Delicious olive bread, avocado and Baba Ganoush, eaten in a leisurely greedy manner in the kitchen.

Soon after I decide I should have a proper meal to mark the beginning of my loneeating week, put a pizza in the oven and make a home-sprouted lentil salad, with tomatoes and the second half on the avocado. I eat in watching Netflix in bed, love the salad but don't actually eat much of the pizza because by that point I'm full.

I round off the meal with a fantastically indulged Bendicks Bittermint and a big cup of tea.


Aha! The weekend. I'm alone and have a full day to relax and indulge. I start off by making a big batch of Scotch Pancake batter (200g flour, 125g caster sugar, 2 eggs, milk, baking powder) and merrily munch my way through it, drinking tea, adding more baking powder here, slicing up a banana there, reading 'From Fork to Field: Food Ethics for Everyone' by Paul B. Thompson, sprinkling on desiccated coconut and drinking coffee.

After a few rounds I take a break with an Angostura Bitter and tonic.

At some point I feel I should have lunch, microwave some left over pizza, make it pretty with some salad and wolf it down sitting outside in the garden. I come in for more and make some sort of crudités and a green salad with Baba Ganoush.

I think dinner is the only meal of the week I'm ashamed of. I think because I did so little to make it a nice meal, it's nice because I pay someone else to do the work of making the sauce and tortellini, and because I have expensive parmesan to put over the top. Oh well, just a weird feeling of mine. It was good, and I ate in at the kitchen table.


A fresh start: lemon water and passionfruit on a Sunday Morning. Follwed by some more amazing Scotch Pancakes.

Lunch is a snacky affair of bread, avocado and Baba Ganoush.

Dinner some sort of a travesty of a Sunday Roast: sweet potato wedges, baked potato, quorn chicken nuggets, and roast sweetcorn. I finish the day with a cup of tea and a herbal drink.


Back to work. One of my standard breakfasts: cut up fruit with yogurt and desiccated coconut. I'm organised for lunch and plan to microwave two Vegetable Spring Rolls from Sainsbury's, and then dip some bread into my Baba Ganoush.

Dinner is quite decent, Kale and Anchovy Salad, by now a classic of mine, roast red cabbage and quorn chicken nuggets. Bit of a weird combination but nice food all told.


Same breakfast, same lunch (not pictured), but a colourful dinner.

Yummy home made guacamole, great potato wedges (the loneeaters friend) and again, quorn chicken nuggets. I make plenty, have seconds (including a big dollop of mayonnaise for dipping) and it even looks good. A decaf tea and Bendicks for bed, watching House of Cards.


A day off! Yay! Scrambled Egg and Toast for a late breakfast. 

Left-over kale salad, soy sauce fried tofu, left-over potato wedges, a spring roll and more sprouted lentil salad for really quite a good lunch.

'Dinner' was an interesting one. I was working on my computer when evening rolled around and I fancied a chocolate cookie. Fine, I made some. Only thing is, I snacked so much on while making them I wasn't hungry for dinner, so essentially had raw cake batter for dinner. Oops.


The final day.
Classic breakfast.
Indulgent lunch of chips and mushy peas on my lunch break.
Inspiring beetroot spotted at the local greengrocer meant a good dinner.
Hunger meant snacking despite the fact dinner was on it's way.
That was my loneeating week!

I encourage you to get involved, do the August Challenge and share you're loneeating experiences. You can learn a lot about yourself.

What did I learn? I rely pretty much exclusively on small variations of the same food, enjoy things more when the look better, and take much more pleasure in my food when I take the time, especially on days off and weekends.