Loneeat to De-stress

Sorry I’m late this month Loneeaters! And I’m also sorry because although I’m doing the August Challenge (a little late now) I am actually cheating a little…because of work and also living with family I can’t loneeat all my meals so I’m going to document two meals a day, because at least one meal a day is either at work and eating with colleagues or at home and eating with family.

A loneeater day is a rare and precious thing for me.


First day off work in quite a while so thought it was as good a time as any to get started with the excellent August challenge.

Unfortunately I wasn’t starting on a good note being slightly ill and mildly concussed. So I had a pot of green tea for breakfast and then snuggled under a blanket and polished off an entire box of yummy organic black grapes.

I didn’t actually eat again really until the late afternoon/evening – plain rice, a safe dinner for a fluey Maya.


Feeling a lot better today I took my first meal after some morning yoga:

Green tea again and a fresh smoothie of banana, frozen raspberries, nectarine, romaine lettuce, lime juice, split pea vegan protein powder and a bit of water.

I drank it outside, in the sunshine, warm and relaxed until the midges forced me to bid a hasty retreat.

In the afternoon I cooked up a rice and mung bean stew.

Turmeric, cumin and ginger are the key flavours in the stew. I’ve made it so many times before, it’s such delicious, warming nourishment. I love one-pot dishes that you sup from a bowl. Comforting and yummy, I tend to make masses of one soup/casserole/curry/etc every couple of days and then portion it up for dinners and lunches to come.


Another smoothie for breakfast, taken on the go to get to work. Still a loneating experience, but one in motion. Same fruits as yesterday, I am a creature of habit really. And also using up the fruit bowl!

Lunch is an egg mayo sandwich from the upper floor breakfast room of the inn where I work. Quiet and restful after a busy morning, a moment of zen.


Breakfast of some soya yoghurt with fruit and nuts in my pyjamas overlooking the loch.

Houmous and veggies for lunch, light and tasty, and definitely nicer on my digestive system than egg mayo on white bread!


Another smoothie for breakfast and some green tea. Am I stuck in a rut? I try not to use the same fruits so that I get a rainbow selection for varied minerals and vitamins etc but is that good enough?


I have more mung bean stew for lunch, warmed up and sprinkled with fresh coriander.


Some more yoghurt, fruit and nuts to start the day and then for dinner I cook up a vegetable curry of coconut milk, asparagus, mushrooms, peas, peppers and cardamom rice.

Another boatload of food to save and keep for later, I find it more efficient cooking this way. A habit from living as a student and saving pennies. Now although I am at home I still do it, it just means it’s gone faster as 3 people are eating from the pot not one.


Houmous and veggies for lunch again at work in my oasis upstairs in the empty breakfast room above the bustle of the bar.

My final meal is my favourite: a midnight snack of herbal tea, Brazil nuts, an orange and some dark chocolate. After a busy shift it is decompression time for me. To be alone. To not have to serve anyone else but me. Selfish maybe but important for me!

So that was my (kind of) week. And to be honest I felt the August Challenge has been quite a tricky one for me, aside from carving out a full week of loneating experiences, I’ve realised that this is actually quite revealing. It is an exploration of my eating patterns and being quite a private person it’s been quite difficult to detail this week knowing that people might read and judge my habits. 

Quite ironic really that I am scared my loneating experiences will be under scrutiny from other people.

I did learn a lot too – that my loneeating experiences predominantly are to de-stress. I try to create little pockets of calm in the day, often centred around food, personal moments of calm in my day, me time.

Sharing a meal with family or colleagues can be special, valuable and fun but the same can be said for eating alone too. Perhaps I’m a bit of an introvert but I’m sure its important for everyone to just be with themselves every once in a while and nurture themselves with food. Loneating is important! And that is the value of this August challenge and sharing it, to start the loneating revolution and help encourage you to celebrate your alone time.