Hello Lone Eaters!

Almost half of adult eating occasions are solitary. We are in fact, not alone. Eating alone has never happened on this scale, and so there is almost no culture around eating alone. It’s stigmatised as being lonely, a failure. That’s not the whole story though.

When we eat alone we have the opportunity to get to know ourself, reflect and process information, and be in the present moment. In this hyper-connected and alienating world, that's valuable.

Our culture hasn't yet adapted to support our emerging habits. We need to come together consciously and change that. We need to design a culture of eating alone that helps us make decisions that benefit ourselves and the planet.

Together, let's design the new rituals of eating alone. Let's keep the option of eating baked beans at our desk watching series, but also come up with a few more options for when that doesn't feel satisfying!