Experience Meditative Eating

My name is Maya Reid and I just ATE ALONE. I chose to eat on the stairs in our house, only ever the site of movement and people on their way to carry out some task. I thought it would be interesting to use them as the location for a meal: a pause in the general activity of the day, a time to refuel and recharge.

After setting up my little eating station, I perched on a stair and nestled into the little cubby hole. It was quite cosy actually, and felt a little bit like a special treat because it was so novel. The fact that I was crouched into a small space above our normal living space, munching on my food made me feel like a little bird.

Our cottage is fairly small so I could hear my dad watching TV in the next room along, but I enjoyed the fact that I was alone with my thoughts and removed from whatever he was watching.

Initially the novelty gave me a sort of buzz but then that gave way to a more meditative way of eating because I felt each mouthful more, tasting, smelling and feeling everything with more of my attention.

Does that make sense?