When is it not okay to be a Loneeater?

When I started this blog I was living in a student house with two people, but we didn't often eat together. I was therefore facing almost every meal with no structure imposed from the outside and would cook and eat independently. That's why the emphasis for me was how to have positive experiences when regularly cooking and eating alone, something I find can easily turn into a huge effort and not be very rewarding.

The situation has changed drastically now. I'm living with my parents for a few months, and am subject to organised group meals at lunch and dinner whenever either parents is home. This is mainly great, and it's actually leading to a bit of a revolution in my cooking, but it did cause me to notice what I miss about regularly loneeating.

I definitely look forward to the times my parents are away, so I can revert back to the independent mode of eating I've practiced for the last five years. Unilaterally deciding to fry up a few potatoes and throw and egg on top for a late dinner when 10pm rolls round and I haven't eaten. Craving a dippy egg, and just making it, not worrying about interfering with the traditional lunch schedule. Putting on the quinoa and whipping up a salad for one in the time it takes to boil.

Perhaps what to take from this, is that group eating culture trumps the loneeating one. My habits, my personal brand of loneeating culture, is almost completely swept under the carpet once I'm stationed back in a hardline communal eating household. The habits of the group remain unswayed while my joy in loneeating is shunted into the corners of my life, when I'm alone again.

What do you think? Is it time to stop whining about delicious group meal? Or do you also miss the independence and spontaneity that comes with organising your own meals?