It's easy to be part of nature

Hello you loneeaters!

Inspired by the lovely Maya and wanting to spice up another day working from home, I ventured the other way from my house and found another spot to loneeat in the countryside where I live.

It was actually part of a week of loneeating, which you'll find out more about later, and so I was prepared with quick cook fresh Tortellini and corresponding sauce. I then just added a few slices of raw red cabbage to some bagged salad and was off.

It's a walk I know well, but I diverged off the path a bit aiming for this tree to ensure I reached a nice spot in the 10 minuets dictated by the June Challenge. It started to rain as I reached my goal so rather than sit under this lovely tree as I was planning, I squeezed through the nettles you see before you to the small pine forest behind.

Thankfully it was dry here and I could unpack my lovingly prepared lunch.

As you can see, I tried to improve on both mine and Maya's previous attempts by using, if not Tupperware, these delightful plastic takeaway containers to store my lunch while I transported it. I didn't stint of style though and also took a ceramic lunch plate and metal cutlery so I could plate it up in situ. Worked like a charm.

I remember feeling that I wasn't really alone, sitting here eating my lunch.

I could see and hear the spring animals all around me. It was nice that I could be a part of that so easily just by laying a jumper on the ground, sitting on it and staying there.

You got a different perspective of the forest from down here as well, seeing the contrast of the bare trunks with the lush green of the nettles beyond. 

In the interests of telling the whole story, and because this normally messy soul set herself the challenge of clearing up after every meal, here is my washing up!

It also relates to a larger point: what does 'eating alone' encompass? Just the eating? Or also the preparing? The washing up? The shopping beforehand? Installing the kitchen? Buying the tableware?

Has anyone else out there done the June Challenge? How did you find it?

If you haven't done it yet, there's still a week left! See what it can bring you.