Go Outside and Gain Perspective

It was important to me it was quick. I was in the middle of something and wanted to get away from it, but almost more than that I wanted to finish it. I had a horrible frustrated energy and irritability. I snapped at my brother, I think I swore when I realised my coat was upstairs and I had to go up there AGAIN. Ugh. Not nice.

Quick Loneeating Lunch Beetroot Salad

I made this, frankly delicious, beetroot salad in a bad mood. I also wasn't very hungry which is why it's so light.


Quick Recipe:

1. Peel the outer skin off a beetroot. Then, keep peeling pieces off and add them to your bowl.
2. Get 2 or 3 leaves of romaine lettuce, wash, shake to get rid of water, rip them up into bite sized pieces, and add.
3. Cut up half an avocado, add.
4. Wash a tomato, cut up and add.
5. Find some left over kale salad with a lemon and anchovy dressing in the fridge and add.
6. Mix your deliciously colourful salad :-)


Okay, now here comes the really fun part. I didn't just eat this at the dining table, or even under a table. I wrapped it in clingflim, put it in a bag, set an alarm on my phone for 10 minutes and set off walking down the road.

Loneeating Lunch in a Bag, Ready to go

I came to this little spot while my alarm was going off. I live in the countryside which is why it's so beautiful, but it would also be really interesting how this challenge works in the city

Seat for Loneeating Experience in Field

I sat down, took a picture, and started to munch.

A helicopter flew over, and I thought how interesting it was that even in the full-on English countryside it couldn't be any other time than the roughly 100 years since helicopters became common. I also notice now that I was sitting on concrete with a metal hatch. Funny how we think we're 'getting away from it' when walking through the countryside, yet we're still very much in the time we're living.


Loneeaters Salad on Lap in Field

I ate quite fast, partly because it was fairly cold and also because I saw no reason to hang about. This challenge wasn't about having transcendent experiences, it was about getting out the *fucking* house and doing lunch.

Don't worry, I did have some poignant insights.

Firstly, I did actually manage to forget my frustrations, which were, I could now feel rather than logically knowing, getting out of proportion. 

Secondly, I reflected that it's often beneficial to go outside, but sometimes hard to find a reason. It's much easier, and seems more normal, to check twitter for 10 minutes, than walk outside for 10 minutes. It seems somehow random to go for a 10 minute walk, or even a walk round the garden, yet it's often just what we need. We don't need to jam more information into our brain, we need to get some light physical exercise and process what we already have.

And on that note, here's an article I found on twitter about the benefits of walking whilst being creative.

Looking up at Trees while Loneeating

So, hopefully this will inspire you to do your own 10-minute walk lunch. If so, try taking a few quick notes of how you feel whilst doing the challenge, and also take a few pictures of the experience. Then, send 'em all to me at articles@loneeaters.com and I can post them under your name to share the experience with the loneeaters community. It's the June Challenge, so you have no excuse!

In the meantime, do you find getting out of the house beneficial? Are you ever frustrated out of proportion? Do you find it difficult to get out of the house and find yourself checking twitter or Facebook once again instead? On the food side, do you often incorporate left overs in quick meals you make?

Share your experiences in the comments section below.