From Russia with Love

Hello, fellow loneeaters!

I am Kay, and I eat my solitary meals in Moscow, Russia. A loneeater not by choice, but by virtue of living alone, I like to get creative in the kitchen and serve food that not only tastes nice but also looks good. While I enjoy cooking for my friends, there is beauty in eating in company of a good book or a movie. And cooking for myself is never a chore. Sometimes I take pictures of the food I make, and when I thought of sharing them, I stumbled upon the Loneeaters blog.

So, would you mind following me to my kitchen?

A summer breakfast: toast with jam (pear and bitter orange), scrambled eggs with leeks on a rye toast, cherries and black tea.

Crostini with salted salmon, lettuce and cream cheese and homemade apple juice.

Saying farewell to summer: yellow tomato from Caucasus region with goat cheese and homemade red basil pesto, salad of fresh cucumbers, a toast (yes, I am fond of toasted bread!), a glass of beer (served with a slice of lime, for summery feel), and some grapes and plums for dessert.

A Spanish snack of jamon and assorted cheeses, homemade unleavened bread with herbs, and a glass of Rioja wine.

One of the best things about eating alone is the sense of control it gives me. Doing everything, from cooking to washing the dishes, by myself and for myself only, with a solitary consumption of a meal crowning this experience, makes me feel I maintain my own personality and my own way of life among all the social interaction, connections and information overload. So I welcome the opportunity to retreat into the world of my own making every time I eat by myself.

Once in a while I post a picture or two on my Facebook page: