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Sarah Hutchinson


Hello! I'm Sarah Hutchinson. I'm a 25 year old product designer with a passion for clear thinking and innovative design. I became fascinated with eating alone while graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven, when I realised the depth of the disconnect between how often it's done and how little it's talked about. 

I live in London and love community, cycling and peanut butter. I'm currently exploring mindfulness and yoga as ways to improve my experience of living and believe most things get better once you embrace them, but you shouldn't beat yourself up if you haven't.

I'm learning everyday and committed to leaving no stone unturned (eventually) in the world of eating alone and bringing people thoughtfully together to make a better world.

Twitter: @hutch_sarah and Instagram: @hutch_sarah


Maya Reid

Maya Reid Profile

Hi there! It’s Maya here and I’m 24 too. I have a Neuroscience degree which I've put to excellent use working as an artist and a waitress for the last year, to fund travels, yoga training and hopefully one day a Physiotherapy masters. It paid off though and I'm currently on the road in Nepal and India!

I am passionate about preserving and protecting mental wellness through physical health. Mind and body are intricately linked and I believe that understanding and strengthening the union between the two, through yoga, meditation, and healthy living is the key to happiness and contentment. 

I am excited to explore loneeating as a way to discover and reflect on my own eating habits, and even more excited to hear everyone else’s experiences - that means you!

Instagram: @reidophile

Roshni Hirani

Hi, I’m Roshni. I’m Indian and I love my culture, and I truly believe that I am also part of other people’s culture, mainly through exploring ethnically diverse food.

I like eating alone because it’s a truly self-indulgent experience, which connects your senses in a completely unique way. Different to walking, for example, where your senses of smell, sight, sound etc. are connected. 

I am a people person, but I understand the importance of having a bit of me-time. Eating alone allows me to do this so I make sure I do, and I make every effort to enjoy it. I’m interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this and hopefully, through this project, we can share our experiences. 

Twitter: @RoshHirani and Instagram: @RoshHirani

Kay Kendzior

I'm Kay, a freelance editor, translator, writer and tour guide in Moscow, Russia. Aside from everything that has to do with words and languages, my greatest passions are food and travelling, both of which I occasionally enjoy by myself.

Though once in a while I make do with a frozen pizza or a quick sandwich (and there usually is a bag of potato chips lurking in my pantry), I always try to add a creative touch. It comes so naturally that it had never occurred to me to take pictures of what I cooked until I met a man who is as passionate about food as I am; we enjoy eating together, and when we are apart we exchange photos of our food experiences.

Loneeating isn't a conscious choice for me – merely the way my life is, and this makes it all the more interesting to explore together with other loneeaters!


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